Work Experience

I worked in the General Electric Aviation large commercial turbofan business as a design engineer for two years (August 2013 – June 2015), as a member of the Thermal System Design Team. I worked on several high visibility design projects, which consisted of thermal and flow analysis of the following engine components: high pressure compressor, low pressure compressor and low pressure turbine.

Specifically, I redesigned the low pressure turbine active clearance control system to meet performance metrics. I performed root cause analysis for engine shutdown and proposed a new design for scavenge oil cooling in the low pressure turbine strut to mitigate high temperature coking issues. I proposed a design solution for the anti-ice system in the low pressure compressor. I participated in several mateiral review boards for analyzing impact of manufactured product nonconformity and recommended product adoption or rework.

As part of my work, I analyzed the components, validated temperature and thermal stress models against test data, came up with innovative designs and presented results in preliminary, detailed and validation design reviews. I collaborated with teams including thermal design, structural design, combustion, and cycle life, most of which were spread across several different geographical locations. I picked up presentation skills, CAD and numerical simulation skills, customer-oriented thinking, detailed analysis and critical thinking skills.

I also completed "A-Course" as part of GE's company wide leadership development program "EEDP" (Edison Engineering Development Program). As part of this course I became familiar with structural, life, thermal, combustion, manufacturing and regulatory aspects of the aviation industry.