High-throughput ice nucleation platform

I designed and fabricated a temperature-controlled microfluidic stage to measure ice nucleation temperatures of aerosol droplets. My microfluidic platform is a cost-effective and modular alternative to the traditional complex and expensive single-particle equipment.

I designed the platform to have multiple individually addressable temperature zones with custom Ardunio-controlled PID loops. The platform can reach and maintain temperatures and gradients from as high as 400°C down to -100°C. I modeled the CAD design of the stage components using SOLIDWORKS, machined and 3D-printed the parts, assembled the stage, and used the setup to perform microfluidic experiments.


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  • Roy P. & Dutcher C.; Microfluidic study of temperature dependent phase changes in aqueous aerosol systems. 71nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, November 23-26, 2019, Seattle, WA. Podium Talk.

  • Roy P. & Dutcher C.; Temperature dependent phase study of aerosols using droplet microfluidics. American Association for Aerosol Research 37th Annual Conference, October 14-18, 2019, Portland, OR. Podium Talk.