Automated droplet classification using computer vision

I developed multiple high-throughput computer vision algorithms for detecting and classifying ice nucleation or freezing of picolitre droplets in microfluidic channels. Initial trials with feature-based machine learning algorithms proved not sufficiently accurate. I addressed this challenge by developing a deep neural network (DNN) based image recognition approach to achieve accuracy >99.5% compared to human classification. I integrated this DNN into a custom MATLAB GUI app for usability and wider adoption by other researchers. I used this network to collect millions of data points and reduce analysis time 100-fold resulting in about 200k droplets per data point.

I developed another approach to handle high-speed (10,000+ fps) video for a real-time sorting project, as the DNN cannot process high-speed camera output at runtime. I solved this problem by designing a polarizer-analyzer passive optical system to detect frozen droplets to complement the more accurate DNN.

This classifier is currently being used to develop a droplet sorting system with the assistance of a active flow control system.


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