Ultrarapid rewarming technology for cryopreservation

I was part of a team that developed a novel technology for ultrarapid rewarming of vitrified biomaterials for cryopresevation. This technology has the potential to have a large impact on the organ donation and transplantation industry. Rapid heating (1000°C/min) of cryopreserved blood vessels, cartilage or skin is necessary to prevent tissue dehydration, thermal stress fractures and viability loss. We achieved this warming rate by inductively warming metal forms placed within to tissues with radiofrequency (RF) fields.

I performed experiments for rewarming tissue with RF coils, developed temperature measurement protocols with fiber optic temperature sensors, ran numerical simulations to validate temperature measurement data and calculated the thermal stress in the viscoelastic cryoprotective solution based on the temperature field. I collaborated with researchers in multiple universities during the course of this project.